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Rubber Bands

  • #127 Red Rubberband

    #127 Red Rubberband

    INDUSTRIAL QUALITY: Red packer bands are industrial quality packing rubber bands trusted by professionals for performance and quality. Available in a variety of sizes, they are suitable for a range of industrial packing and bundling needs.HIGHLY...

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  • #32 Natural Rubber Band

    #32 Natural Rubber Band

    MADE OF NATURAL RUBBER: For Smooth, Stretchability - Offer Tensile Strength And Re-Usable Convenience OFFICE TOOL: Use Advantage elastic bands in the office to keep mail, folders and paperwork organized and tidy whether you work in a large office or...

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  • #64 Natural Rubberband

    #64 Natural Rubberband

    3-pack of crepe rubber bands, each 1-pound pack consists of about 320 rubber bands (approximately 960 rubber bands total) Made of natural rubber for smooth, stretchability Offer tensile strength and re-usable convenience Ideal for home or office; keep...

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